Understanding Sit-on-Top Kayaks

There are two types of kayaks namely; the sit-on-top kayak and the sit-inside kayak. Though both have some slight differences in their meanings, they also share most common features. The sit on top kayak is the one where by the paddler sits on a molded-in depression that's on the top of the kayak. Unlike the latter, the other type is whereby one sits inside instead of the top. This is referred to as the sit inside or sit-in kayak.

Sit on Top Kayaking

Sit on top kayaking is one of the most interesting water sports on the planet earth. It is normally practiced on any body of water provided it has what it takes for the sport to be of great success. These water bodies include; oceans, rivers, lakes and surf zones. However, surf zones serve as the favorite spots for the sport. Kayaks are adapted for different purposes when it comes to water sporting. Some are designed for racing while others are well suited for white water courses and the trend continues. Sit on top kayaking sport is beginner-friendly and doesn't matter whether you are looking for low-impact workout or even a sophisticated and competitive staff, sit on top kayaking has something to offer for you.

Features of the Sit on Top Kayak

  • They are easier to use as compared to sit inside kayaks.
  • Since they are made from cheaper materials, they are less expensive than their counterparts (the sit inside kayaks).
  • They are comfortable to ride on.
  • It creates enough space for those paddlers with big bodies and long legs making them feel less confined creating a sense of comfort in this manner.
  • The sit on top kayaks are appropriate for unskilled and inexperienced paddlers especially those who don't have the skill to avoid rolling the boat.
  • The paddler sits on top of the kayak hence easy paddling and maneuvering of the kayak on water.
  • Easier for exit and entry since they are open on top.

Types of Seats on the Sit on Top Kayak

  • Some have a single seat designed to be used by one person. The seat is around 3m in length, a factor which makes it easier for a balance between straight line speed and ability to maneuver on water. This also creates an excellent exit off the water.
  • Others have a tandem seat designed for use by two people. The length of the seat is normally 4-5m. This ensures adults and children ride safely on water. However, it is very important to consider the weight limits of the boats because some differ from others.

Materials Used

Most of sit on top kayaks are made of tough, cheap but severally molded plastic while others are made of fiberglass. Most of them have hull shapes which is similar to traditional kayaks. The part at the top is known as the deck while the part at the bottom part is referred to as the hull. The front part is called the bow and the rear is called the stern. Deck lines or in other words the bungees are found on the top part of the deck.

It's Uses

  • Many paddlers use them for both commercial and domestic fishing. There are special fishing kayaks designed with hatches and fishing rods.
  • On top of commercial fishing, these boats are also used for several recreational activities which include joy-riding for both children and adults.
  • Also used in offshore fishing sports making them a great substitution for motorboats.
  • Disadvantages

    • The paddler eventually gets wet since there is nothing to protect them from the ever splashing water due to continued paddling and in case of any encounter with angry sea waves.
    • The sit on top kayaks are more cumbersome than sit inside kayaks since they are made wider in order to cater for paddlers center of gravity. This makes them difficult to paddle and slower at the same time.
    • Since the seat of the kayak is mounted right above the hull, more space is used up during storage and hauling of the kayak. This problem gets even worse at times especially when you want to haul or place the boat on top of a passenger vehicle.
    • The kayak creates storage crisis and inconveniences during storage since its weight and size makes it difficult for one to hang it on an a wall.

    If you are are choosing the best way to relax your body, mind and spirit why not rush now and join Sit on Top Kayaking?

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