Best Tandem Kayaks

Tandem Kayaks are designed and built like small boats which are used to paddle through the rivers and other big water bodies. They are built basically to enable two people to paddle through the waters and to ride along on them. They are mostly used for recreational, fishing and sporting activities.

1. Pelican Alliance 136T Kayak

The Pelican Alliance is a simple, durable and cost effective boat which is a perfect choice for a family to move around with. It accommodates a weight of about 72 pounds and it is about 14 feet long. This boat is easy for kids to push down the water, and the tough roto-molded hull is free of projections that can cause bruises or scratch any playful paddler. It has a flat bottom multi-chine hull which gives it a good stability, reduces drag and makes the foot pegs run smoothly. It also has quite a big rear cockpit, stern storage bay, and a deck bungees which provide various cargo capacity.

2. Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Inflatable Kayak

This Kayak is also durable, inflatable and affordable. This Kayak provides its users with easy storage, transport and is also very capable on the water. It has built-in bow and stern panels which adds rigidness and also allows the boat to handle water waves much better. It is one of the fastest inflatable Kayak in existence. This Kayak has a padded high-back seat which are very comfortable and this aids the paddler to maintain optimum balance. Some of the other features it is having includes: a landing plate, tracking fin, a form floor panel and a splash guards.

3. The Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

The Sea Eagle 330 is strongly built to hold up to two adults and it is one of the best inflatable tandem Kayak. It has an accompanying gear and the total weight is about 5oo pounds. It is made of 33mm Polykrylar hull l-beam construction with a very high frequency welded seams. This Kayak has multiple usage such as: for fishing, sky diving, and whitewater rafting. It is built with inflatable spray skirts, two tandem seats, and also a foot pump. This Kayak only weight 26 pounds and it can easily be carried out to the water by only one person and also it takes no time to assemble it. It has three compartments embedded in it namely, the port, the floor and the starboard. It also has three valves and a deluxe one-way, and this prevents you from worrying about any form of air deflation on the Sea Eagle Kayak.

4. Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher

With this type of Kayak, you no longer have to worry about what you can be using to fish. This watercraft is considered to be one of the best tandem fishing Kayak. This particular Kayak is a very cost effective watercraft made purposely for anglers. It is built in such a way that it is possible for one person to stand in it if the need arises. This particular model can actually accommodate three riders, but the 3rd person should be a smaller adult or a child preferably. It also has 3 compartments for the placing of the fishing rod which is advantageous especially if one is a hard-core angler.

5. Intex Explorer K2 Yellow

Do you ever think of procuring a cheap and at the same time an efficient Kayak? Well, this is a very nice choice for you that enjoys going out on the lake with a very tight budget. This particular model has inflatable seats which are equipped with backrests, and it is suitable for those who like to venture on the lake a couple of times in a year.

6. Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus Kayak

The Dirigo Tandem Plus stands out from the other Kayak with its elongated rear cockpit that enables paddlers to take along a child, pet or large gear. It is a classic boat with clean lines, and weighs about 72 pounds. It has a great speed and stability on water and this Kayak is makes a nice family recreational boat. It has built-in cushioned seats which is simple and comfy. It also has a light weight which makes it very easy to maneuver around in case of moving water bodies and can be used with the presence or absence of a rudder.

7. Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem Kayak

This tandem Kayak offers all one needs to enjoy while paddling on the lake. It has an adjustable high back padded seats which are very comfy and makes the ride enjoyable. There is large amount of storage area on this Kayak. It weighs about 100 pounds which is relatively light and it is very easy for two people to carry it out on the water. It is very classical and is also one of the top notch Kayak.

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