How to Choose the Best Kayaking Gloves

A pair of kayaking gloves is an important part of kayaking gear. Some people believe that kayaking gloves only come in handy when the weather is chilly but the truth is, they are important regardless of the state of the weather.

How Important are Kayaking Gloves?

Kayaking gloves are vital for many reasons. One is that, they prevent water from running down the paddles towards your hands. During winter when the water is extremely cold, it may have a chilly effect on the hands. The hands may become numb making it difficult to paddle. Kayaking gloves prevent all these.

Kayaking gloves also come in handy during summer when the weather is hot. Scotching sun can cause a sizzling effect on your hands and this may result in blisters. To prevent this, it is always advisable to wear kayaking gloves.

Other than that, kayaking gloves enhance the grip that your hands have over the paddle. With bare hands, you may find the paddles slippery on your palms. This is risky because the paddle might easily slip through your fingers into the water. Kayaking gloves prevent this.

Kayaking gloves help in wiping sweat of your face and head during kayaking. Speaking of sweat, kayaking gloves are very useful for people who have sweaty palms. Sweaty palms is a condition that can make it difficult to paddle because it loosens the grip between the hands and the paddle. Kayaking gloves are just the right solution for that.

The benefits of kayaking gloves are inexhaustible. You have every reason to grab yourself a pair today. So, how will you know the type of kayaking gloves that suit you?

Things to Consider while Buying Kayaking Gloves

The material of your gloves is one consideration. This will depend on where you are going kayaking. spandex/nylon gloves are good for warm conditions while thick material such as neoprene suits cold conditions.

Another consideration is the fingers. Would you opt for finger or fingerless gloves? Finger gloves are suitable for cold weather conditions because they cover the fingers from the cold. You might opt for fingerless gloves if you will do your kayaking in warm weather.

The thickness of your gloves is another factor. The thicker it is, the more water is prevented from reaching your hands. However, thick gloves make it a bit challenging to manoeuvre your hands. So it's a compromise of flexibility for warmth or vice versa depending on your preference.

Below are some of the types of kayaking gloves and some benefits that come with each of them.

Types of Kayaking Gloves

Kokatat are one type of kayaking gloves. These brand of paddling gloves come in different irresistible designs. The kokatat unisex lightweight glove for instance is suitable for all genders. They also come in fingerless designs for those who prefer it that way. Their nylon spandex upper surface offers protection from extreme heat from the sun. Other features common in kokatat kayaking gloves are the hook and loop adjustable wrist closures, additional thumb/forefinger reinforcements, a meshed back and much more.

NRS Gloves are another brand. They come in various styles. The NRS Axiom for instance is a three-quarter type of glove that comes with vent holes in the palm and a fleece patch on the back. Other benefits are the polyurethane palm pads for maximum protection of palms. NRS brand of kayaking gloves cater for all weathers. While the NRS Axiom are best for sunny weather, NRS Hydroskin is suitable for in - between weather and the NRS Maverick is handy in extremely cold conditions. This leaves room for you to pick the types that suits you depending on weather conditions.

The Sea to Summit Solution Gear Eclipse is the third type. These are best for anyone trying to avoid blisters by all means. They are made of a synthetic leather palm, a spandex shell and neoprene cuffs. What you will love most about these is their durability and their thin fabric that provides a nuanced feel grip. They are also good for sun protection.

Warmers Barnacle is another type that is good for wet conditions as well as warm weather. They are fingerless and the palms are made from synthetic leather. The upper surface is made of spandex, neoprene, synthetic leather and terry cloth shell. These are all quick drying material which make it even more efficient. The Warmer's Barnacle also comes with a splendid grip and an extra padding between the index finger and the thumb. Sounds perfect doesn't it?

Glacier Glove Premium is another type. This type is suitable for winter kayaking. It is made of neoprene with fleece lining. You will love the warmth that comes with the fleece lining. Also attractive is how waterproof it is.

Motivex Gloves are another type. They are best for budget conscious people because of their low price. The best features of this type include its unisex design as well as the reinforced fabric between the thumb and index finger. It also offers various colors to pick from.

Neosport 3/4 Finger Gloves are another type. The best feature of these is that, they can be used for biking, kayaking, sailing and many other sports. They are light and water resistant. Their wrist fasteners allow them to fit any size of wrists. Welcoming isn't it?

So there you have it. Regardless of your kayaking conditions, it is always advisable to equip yourself with gloves. They help you kayak comfortably so you can make the most out of such an adventurous endeavour.

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